Dual Battery Voltage Monitors


The battery voltage monitors are found in:

Dual Battery Calibration
Dual Battery Calibration

The control unit measures the voltages of the incoming power at its power terminals, as well as (optionally) the voltage of a second battery,  and  transmits these values to the mobile phone app for display. The mobile phone app has a calibrator to correct for minor component variations that occur in manufacture. To calibrate the battery voltage displays you need a trusted voltmeter to tell you the  true voltage at the controller's terminals. 

Controllers that have a 12E input as well as a 12V input have the 12E input monitored for voltage since this is the input that ca be expected be the more critical, being the power supply to the motors.
To enter Calibration Mode tap Enable Buttons on the app's Home screen. The screen will show the 4 mover buttons.

Double tap the  Caravan Pilot title at the top of the screen.

If 2 batteries are being monitored there will be 2 Voltage Display buttons. Tap the one that you want to calibrate, and the text label will reflect the selected battery number.

You will see the image at right. The digits to the right of the Battery No only indicate the position of the slider. Move the slide control in small increments until the voltage indicated matches that measured on the meter. Allow several seconds for the display to stabilise because the displayed value is damped to absorb voltage spikes. 
To Save tap the Caravan Pilot title once more.

Note: The calibration modifier is stored in the mobile phone and not in the control unit. If you use more than one mobile device you need to calibrate each one as described above.

 General Notes on Battery Voltage:

  • Heat-of-the-moment battery voltage levels mean almost nothing - a battery is considered healthy and fully charged if its voltage measures 12,6V after a 1 hour rest.
  • A voltage level of even one or two tenths of a volt below 12,6V after an hour's rest can indicate serious battery deterioration. That is why it is vital to accurately calibrate the battery voltage indicator.
  • Substantial deviations from 12,6V during charging and discharging are normal and mean little. A battery must be at rest for many minutes before its voltage level can be taken to indicate a true level of charge and battery health.