Motorised Levelling by Powered Steadies


Motorised Winterhoff Steady
Motorised Winterhoff Steady

Winterhoff is a German trailer component manufacturer that first produced this format of corner steady - hence its name.

Because its a good design as well as an easy one to copy many others now make Winterhoff steadies, but they're still called Winterhoff if they look like the original product. Existing Winterhoff steadies are motorised by fitting 12VDC gearmotors in a DIY procedure easily accomplished at home by anyone with moderate tool skills. The motors are wired back to a control unit which communicates Bluetooth to the mobile phone app.

See the Tutorial page Motorising Tutorial

See the video Motorised Leveller video

 Available Extensions:

Levelation System
Levelation System


Levelling Screen
Levelling Screen

Motorised Levelling with Winterhoff Steadies

The App is also has remote control for a caravan leveller   The screen shows 2 levelling crosshairs which will centre when the caravan surface on which the mobile phone lies is level. Control for four levelling motors is provided on the same screen. The Levelling Controller support four bi-directional12V DC motors with up to 25A of DC current. No limit switches are required as the controller senses end-of-travel and cuts the motor current automatically. The mobile phone is placed flat on a table and you tap the UP/DOWN pushbuttons to drive the corner lift motors until the dots centre on the crosshairs. Levelling motors are supplied with ramped start-up current and are automatically shut down when a current spike indicates that end-of-travel has been reached in either direction. Levelling motor current is displayed on the screen of the mobile phone. The motorising of the corner steadies is an easy DIY project available to anyone with moderate hand skills. See a step by step tutorial and video here.

Calibrating the Levelling Crosshairs

To eliminate instrument errors that may exist in the mobile phone or its jacket you can calibrate the crosshairs to zero by placing the phone on a flat and level surface, and then double tapping the Caravan Pilot title. The phone will buzz and the red dots will centre. This calibration will apply until the app is terminated.





Levelation Controller                R2500
Estimated cost of DIY upgrades to existing Winterhoff-type steadies: R18,000
Free shipping PostNet to PostNet or PAXI