Mobile Phone Power Switching Remote Control 

Remote Controlled Power Switching
Remote Controlled Switching

 The Mobile Phone Power Switching Remote Control can latch and unlatch a relay under instructions from the mobile phone through Bluetooth communication. The relay can switch a maximum of 10 Amps at 230V which makes it suitable for switching a wide variety of loads.Unlike our other controllers which have momentary switches which must be held down to maintain relay contact, this relay locks to whichever way you set it, even when Bluetooth communications are interrupted or broken. On restoration of the Bluetooth link the mobile interrogates the controller to get, and display, its current state.

Additionally there is a momentary-contact button to energise a second relay that is enabled when the controller output is latched. This has been used for the purpose of, for instance, engaging the starter motor on a generator.once the generator is enabled by the main relay.

Switching According to Temperature

When the controller detects that an optional digital thermometer is connected it will automatically start switching the main output relay according to the temperature input and the preset upper and lower limits. 
The upper and lower temperature thresholds are easily set on the mobile phone and transmitted to the remote controller for storage in its non-volatile memory. Values between -55 and 128 deg. C are valid. The unit can be programmed for either heating or cooling  - when in cooling mode it will switch on when the upper limit is reached and remain so to the lower limit, when heating it will switch on at the lower limit and maintain that state until the upper threshold is reached.
In both modes the output will switch off if contact with the thermal probe is lost. Temperature control takes precedence over manual control and other modes are disabled as long as the presence of the digital thermometer is detected.

Switching Controlled by Timer 

Switching by Temperature
Switching by Temperature

There is a faciltiy to program an 'On' time followed by an 'Off' time that the Remote Control will follow whether connected to the mobile or not. Both intervals are specified in seconds from 1 to 1 million. The manual 'On' control will override the timer. When manual control is reliquished the automatic timer will resume functioning as before.

Switching by Time
Switching by Time

To programme the timers the Remote Control must be BT connected to the mobile with Buttons Disabled. Tap the DactylTech logo 3 or more times in quick succession and the screen at right will appear. Edit the ON and OFF times (in seconds) and tap Send. The values are saved in non-volatile memory in the Remote Control. Timer control carries the lowest precedence, behind Temperature and Manual.














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Digital Temperature Probe R80

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